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EJMcopper, Inc. hand crafted leader heads, also known as a conductor head or collection box, will enhance ornamental appeal while serving multiple environmentally sound purposes. Aside from providing overflow protection at the roofline, leader heads permit directing more than one downspout into a single location and using less materials, allow water to flow through downspouts more quickly and quietly due to incorporating a vacuum break, are used to channel water from a through-wall scupper, and can be incorporated into a rainwater harvesting system. EJMcopper Inc. leader heads are generally made in 16oz. or 20oz copper, however many of our designs can be manufactured from a wide variety of metals and gauges. Please call for pricing and availability on aluminum, steel, zinc, and brass leader heads.
Code Material Dimensions Price
LRP02-c Copper 12.25" w x 13.5" h x 8" d $500.00
LRP02-lc Lead Coated Copper 12.25" w x 13.5" h x 8" d $600.00
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