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Louvered dormer vents are priced based on a 10/12 or steeper pitch. Please call for pricing on shallow pitches. EJMcopper, Inc. manufactures all of our copper roof vents with brass screening or copper wire mesh depending on the model. Copper louvers have an inner, return stiffener edge, for additional strength and to help prevent even the most horizontally wind driven rain from penetrating, to give you superior function and beauty.
Code Material Dimensions Price
DV218 Copper 18" w x 9" h $675.00
DV224 Copper 24" w x 12" h $750.00
DV230 Copper 30" w x 15" h $850.00
DV236 Copper 36" w x 18" h $975.00
DV240 Copper 40" w x 20" h $1,150.00
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