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EJMcopper kitchen hoods are custom built around our customerís needs in regards to the size, shape and the space of the kitchen environment in which they have to work with. We can provide the motorized exhaust hood insert, work with your new/existing unit, or recommend the proper model for later acquisition. We hand fabricate each hood to fit our clients individual decorative tastes. We have a vast selection of profiles, shapes, banding, trim, ornamentation, textures, patina finishes and metals to work from; including, stainless steel, mirror finish steel, black iron, aluminum, zinc, quartz zinc, and of course copper! Our team will work with yours to ensure a proper fit and the ultimate performance. If you do not see a design that works with your plans please send us a sketch or drawing of what you are looking for. We are always glad for the opportunity to make something new to us. EJM installs throughout the state of Florida and ships nationwide. Please contact us at 407-447-0074 for a quote.
Code Material Dimensions Price
HKT19 Copper Custom $0.00
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