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EJMCopper, INC. Orlando Florida Custom Architectural Copperwork
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EJMcopper, Inc. produces hand made, custom architectural copper work products of the highest quality. EJMcopper takes pride in every Finial, Cupola, Leader Head, Dormer Vent, Kitchen Hood, Chimney Cap, Louver, Chimney Pot, Weathervane, Window Dormer, Cross, or custom product we have ever made.

All of our products are hand fabricated from existing patterns, or to our customer's specifications. We have had the privilege to work with some of the finest builders, homeowners and architects in the world, to produce some of the finest and most beautiful architectural metalwork items ever fabricated.

The first step in the process starts with the right people. Employees working for EJMcopper, Inc. are all hand selected, traditionally trained metal smiths, picked for their experience, skill, and knowledge.

The next step involves using only materials of the highest caliber. The gauges of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, zinc, and galvanized steels that we use are all, ASTM certified, American made metals.

The final step involves choosing a product, or several for that matter, that complements the project you are undertaking. At EJMcopper, Inc., we are happy to work with you to help design just the right feature to help set off your home or building from the rest. Please give us an opportunity to work with you and make your next project a success.
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